Design Thinking

December 2, 2014a 2 mins read, written by marcel

When it comes to design thinking, it comes down to three buzzwords: empathy, creativity and analysis. Three important words to get to know and learn from our customers. We have translated these words into a way of working for us which holds four basic principles:

  1. Out & inside the box thinking
    You need to create a box to enable yourself to think outside the box. It is great to life in fairy tale island, but it is better to actually know what your customer are thinking about and then decide whether fairytale island is the best place for you.
  2. Fail Fast, Fail Often
    The best way of learning is doing. In the early days we tend to figure out every scenario of a new service, which is a time consuming exercise and thus very expensive. These days we are more open to experiments and showing new stuff in an earlier stage. This means that you still can and will fail, but you will know sooner in order to adjust or stop earlier too.
  3. Observe people
    Know what your target audience is doing and get to know how and when they are engaged with your product or service. What did they do before they even got in touch with your brand. What are they doing after the have used your product or service. You will learn by observing these people.
  4. 360 Experiences
    The fourth principle brings empathy for the context of our customers, creativity and problem solving skills together into 360 experiences. Translated to service ecology, customer journey maps, design concepts and interactive prototypes. Outcomes which will help you to reorganize your products & services to the next level. The level which will connect to your customers.

Take a look at our approach, the Nordstrom Model. We use this approach to transparently take on the challenges you give us.