F* the Facilitator

November 12, 2014a 2 mins read, written by marcel jansens

These days people are distracted by everything you can image. With the new Apple Watch yet another new means of distraction is introduced. The overall level of distraction will increase even more. Also, the fact that opened up laptops and telephones on the tables is considered ‘normal’, could potentially mean a false start of your workshop.

We as facilitators want to immerse our participants into our workshop as soon as possible. To get the most out of the scarce time you have as a group. And to make it as much as fun as possible! Immersion is the keyword. So, the goal of F*F is to create the new way for the workshop facilitators to connect, engage and have fun with their participants. Making workshops more success for all stakeholders.

F*F enables you to give assignments to your participants. Assignments which can be done within a matter of seconds. Just take a picture, tell the facilitator why you took this picture and you’re done. The collected imagery should be presented in the workshop room and your participants will directly connect with todays subject. How easy is that??