Ideation Workshops

September 29, 2014a 2 mins read, written by marcel

Having fun at workshops is what we’re good at. But mostly adding value by doing merely nothing. Actually, you and your customers are doing the job of talking to each other. Having the right discussions. Learning from each other. In order to facilitate the workshop to a well deserved ending - happy sounds so creepy - we use the Lotus Blossom method.

The challenge

First - and in the center of the sheet - we put down the challenge of today's workshop. After we all agree on the starting point we move on to defining the (design) principles in order to solve this solution (e.g. “Every millisecond counts” (Google)). See them as the boundaries in which we’re going to search for an answer.

You will notice that the principles will appear on the sheet rather quickly. This is mostly because there is no good or bad about the principles.

Outer circle

Then you move the principles to the outer circle of the sheet. Here you put the principles in the center of each set of leafs. Around these principles you see 8 empty leafs. Each leaf is available to fill with inspirational content, like photos.


After the part of finding the inspirational content it is time to prioritize the content (and thus leafs). Each participant gets 3 stickers to be added to each of the principle leafs.

The outcome of the lotus blossom session is a prioritize list of opportunities for which experiments can be conducted. Let the games begin!