Service Development

December 10, 2014a 2 mins read, written by ronald

A big and distinctive step in our approach is transforming the brainstorm output into real experiments and prototypes. We have Service Developers who think and work like Service Designers. They create the most amazing prototypes which enable you to test with your targetgroup in a short amount of time. This will enable you to quickly get results, measure, test again and learn as you go. Eventually this helps refine your ideas and transforms them to solutions.

The biggest advantage you will have by working with Service Developers, is that they are present right at the start of your project when you have the interviews with your customers. During the whole customer journey research period there will be a Service Developer on your team. They know what is important to show your customers and can advise about the technical feasability of your ideas right then and there. This creates an instant added value: you don’t lose time having to explain the urgency of your customers needs afterwards. This saves numerous meetings and changes later on in the process when development is about to start.

The end result is a technically sound prototype with go live quality! By having a Service Developer on your team from the very start, you're able to present the first version of your project very early on. Your stakeholders will be blown away by the quality and agility at which you are able to present results. And don't forget to mention: even this first version of your project has been co-designed and co-created with you and your customers. This ensures an almost perfect match between your wishes, your customers' need and the technical realization of the finished project.