VIA; customer journey management

December 10, 2014a 2 mins read, written by marcel

A hot thing it is; Customer Journey Management (further on CJM). But it is intangible as well. Because, the ‘hype’ is there but the facts are all over the place. Please read what you must to know more about CJM and more, but get this inside your head: it is just a tool!

What is the difference between optimization and innovation. Optimization is aimed at changing something which already exists. Making things ‘better’ based on information from your customers. This could mean that you change the entrance of your store or the flow of making payments on your website. It always has to do quick wins. This sounds a bit condescending towards people whom are involved in optimization projects, but it surely isn’t.

Currently, there is no standard on how to create customer journeys. Or user journeys. Or customer journey maps. Or … give it a name. So, we at BullFrogAvenue thought is was time to create the standard: VIA.

The Painful Truth

VIA gives you direct insights in pain points of your services. “Say what … We do not have pain points!”. Actually, dear customer/reader, you do. If you are able to create a service which provides one-on-one service to a certain customer - like really really super personal - than you wouldn’t have any complaints from any customer. But that is, as you as well respected supplier might already know, a fairy tale!

Way of working

In an actual talk with your customers you can learn from them and together you come up with ideas on how it could get much better. Of course, there are multiple arguments not to adapt those ideas but the conversation with your customer will give you insights your marketing manager could not ever give you. The first steps towards co-creation and engagement are made.

The tool

VIA provides visual feedback on the customers real journeys, the emotions they have, and the way the life their journey. The contents of the interviews with your customers are uploaded / inserted / beamed into VIA and during the coffeebreak you are able to see the first analyses.

What do I - the reader - gain from VIA?

So the pain points we were talking about. Moments in time at which your services does not meet your customers’ expectation. Those moments are very valuable. They are opportunities to over perform and actually engage. And while you are learning from you customer s/he also provides solutions. They are doing the job for you. But it is a continuous process of talking with and listening to your customers. This will make VIA more and more valuable. To you and your entire organization.

And please, we started this talk by telling you that CJM is just a tool to get to know your customer. So we’re not selling you a tool. The service we have build around VIA will teach you how to talk with your customers. We provide a workshop kit which feels and works the same as the online variant. We will facilitate the first few workshop with your customer. After that, it is up to you. The outcome will be custom made so you will recognize yourself in the outcome and you are able to sell this outcome to your stakeholders.